Danaerys And Dolores

I’m loving the ongoing season of Westworld and can’t help comparing the show with its sister show from HBO, Game of thrones. Yes, both shows have captured the attention of people with its fantastic story lines, Ramin Djawadi, multiple leads, fantastic sets, great acting , abundance of  both violence and sex, brooding  good guys( William and Jon ).  Difference is nobody gets killed. Or born.  At least  in the conventional sense.

But what I want to talk about are the blonde badasses

When D( oh my ! they have the same first letters. Hell, Daenarys and Doloris sounds similar. They rhyme. Okay I’m getting too carried away. ) But this D is just like the other D. they both start of as distressed damsels who realize the power they have on their destinies. From meek helpless victims to killing machines if need arises  . They are both natural leaders. They both crucify their enemies to send a messege to those who even  think about crossing their way. That’ what Danny did after annexing Mareen and what Wyatt did  in season one .

It was interesting how Doloris tells T eddy about the infected cattle being “ burned” to save the rest of the herd.  Much like what Danny does ever since the birth of her dragons. And all the talk about “ smoke” keeping flies away, the threat of fire keeping her enemies in check.  The choice of words Doloris uses is interesting.  “ Burning” Teddy , to convert him. Similar to the rite of passage Dany had in season 1 finale.

They aren’t too sentimental about leaving their brief romantic interests at a time to to do what is best for their herd.  Being the true leaders they are, sacrificing personal needs for the greater vision of their people. Dany leaves Dariyo in charge of  Meeran . Doloris turns the meek Teddy more aggressive, to support her cause. when it comes to fashion choice, its clearly blue and white with these two.

But they clearly have a soft spot for the “nice guys”.  The brooding , virtuous Jon and young William respectively.

Also , why isnt William’s surname revealed yet?